Travel Records Mon Feb 5 2024
After graduating with my MFA, I traveled to Korea and Barcelona with my family and friends. Here is a collection of moments I want to treasure. 

My parents and I were trekking up to Inwangsan Mt. and saw a group of men gathering together to take a photograph. One exclaimed that they got a $9 hair cut just for this photo and urged the others to pose quickly.

Collected receipts, packages, and tickets from Korea. Click and drag to shuffle through. 

Present Moment Gift Shop 
Korean Air  
Banul Knitting Shop
Unlimited Edition Seoul Art Book Fair
GyeongBokGung Palace 
Blue House
Bomunsa Temple

A small collection of rocks I gathered on the trip. My mom found a red heart rock on an island and handed it to me. My maternal grandfather also gave me a rock with a hand-drawn face when we visited him, so I gave him one of the rocks I found on the beach. He got excited and immediately drew a face on the new rock.   


Collected receipts, packages, and tickets from Barcelona. Click and drag to shuffle through.
Rabitos Chocolate Fig

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