BE Classic Series

AD Kelly Brady and Theresa Evangelista

Role: Illustrator
Revamped book covers of classic novels. The series was designed for middle grade students. As an illustrator, I created simple illustration icons that summarized the book.

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In a Mountain Cottage of Some Snow Closed (1992)

By Keigo Higashino
Personal Work
A Japanese mystery novel where a group of theater actors visit a cottage as part of their audition. When one of the actors disappears, the remaining actors wonder if her disappearance is part of the audition process.

I created character sheets in a theater ticket format and a character relationship chart.  

The Summer Left Behind
By Hena Sung
Personal Work
A Korean novel revolving around two step brothers. When Ki-Ha’s father, who runs a small photography studio, brings Jae-Ha and his mother into the family, Ki-Ha struggles to accept his newfound family. Ki-Ha and Jae-Ha becomes a brothers and part ways after four years.

When Ki-Ha’s father and Jae-Ha’s mother get married, they simplify their wedding and take a family snapshot under a wisteria pergola.

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