3. The Believer Magazine

Lyssa Park: An Illustrated Series
By Lyssa Park
AD Kristen Radtke

    “The series that runs through this issue is based on furniture that my family left behind in Korea, when we moved to Nevada. I used to avoid the topics of family and culture in my work: I was born on a US military base in Korea, and I often didn’t feel like I fit into either nationality. Recently, I’ve started to address my Korean experience and translate it into my work. My process changes depending on the project, but for this series I scanned oil pastel textures, which remind me of my childhood, and drew the shapes digitally.”

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The Lens of the Paparazzi
By Rhian Sasseen
AD Hayden Bennett

    “The first time I saw her, she was naked and sixteen,” goes the first line of a failed novel I wrote about Britney Spears between 2014 and 2016. Of course, she wasn’t sixteen then. She wasn’t naked, either.

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How to Make it in the Games Industry
By Jon Irwin
AD Hayden Bennett

   “When the factory-made house parts are unloaded, the manufacturer’s obligation to the customer is often concluded and local on-site workers are usually hired to complete the dwelling.” —Lester Walker, American Shelter

Creation is hard.

Some things take seven days. Some take nine months. Others take upwards of a decade. Margaret Mitchell allegedly took ten years to write Gone with the Wind, which sounds like a long time, until I consider how long it has taken me to write these forty-eight words (now fifty-two) and her 1037 page epic feels like a swift undertaking.

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Sparks Propaganda
By Brittany Dennison
AD Hayden Bennett

   “This essay is about Edgar Wright’s documentary of the band Sparks. This essay is not about the band Sparks, also known as Ron and Russell Mael, and their brilliant, weird, constantly evolving music.”

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